4th Week - Time for Early signs of Pregnancy

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4th Week – Time for Early signs of Pregnancy

4th Week – Time for Early signs of Pregnancy

It’s an accurate time to confirm, whether you’re pregnant or not. You will start noticing early signs of pregnancy such as missed menstrual periods, hormonal changes nausea and vomiting. Take a home pregnancy test, if it shows positive then meet your doctor for further follow ups to ensure your and your baby’s health. After confirmation you would require to make changes in diet and lifestyle. After all, your crucial first trimester is underway, which is a very critical stage of your baby’s development. Fetus is also at a high risk of abnormalities, as the baby’s parts are underdeveloped.

Internal changes – how your baby is developing:

Embryo (ball of cells) is now growing inside your uterus and these are like the size of a poppy seed. It is divided into three layers that will later be converted into organs and tissues.

Baby’s body parts like brain, backbone, spinal cord and nerves will sprout out from the neural tube in the top layer. Heart and the circulatory system are appearing in the central layer. Lungs, intestines and urinary system have started developing in the third layer.

The yolk sac is responsible for producing red blood cells and nutrients for baby. Side by side early placenta and umbilical cord have already start working. The placenta’s cells are burrowing into the inside layer of your uterus and microscopic fingers of tissue are also emerging out. By the end of this week, placenta would be fully developed and it will be able to prepare nutrients for growing baby and taking out his waste products also. The umbilical cord will start delivering those nutrients and oxygen to your baby.

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