11 must have foods to keep warm winter season!

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11 must have winter foods!

11 must have winter foods!

Winter has arrived and so does the change of season ailments. This season change takes a toll on your physical body as well as your psychological state. Stay healthy and fit this winter season by consuming these must-have winter foods!

Jaggery (Gur): Jaggery is a wonderful sweet food to keep you warm in winters. Do you recall your grandparents ending their meals with gur? This natural sweetener helps strengthen the immune system and increases hemoglobin levels in your body. Add gur to your daily routine in winters to stay healthy & fit.

Turmeric: Turmeric has bactericide, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It helps in boosting the general functioning of our system. If you frequently suffer from respiratory disease, you should undoubtedly consume turmeric in some type throughout winters. Kids should be given a glass of hot milk with a tinge of turmeric for higher immunity.

Honey: This liquid gold is a powerful anti-depressant and can be added to water, milk or tea to assist your body during winters. It’s widely counseled for youths who sniffle at the slightest dip in temperature. Add a drop of honey to remain healthy and pass these winters comfortably.

Garlic: Garlic is one among the most effective anti-microbial plants. Not solely will it add style to your meals, but also it is a robust remedy for variety of ailments. Consumption of garlic – raw or as capsules helps to treat infections that cause respiratory disease, influenza, continual cold and even worms in body.

Dry Fruits: Munching on a bowl of cashews, almonds or pistachios may be a healthy way to snack and keep the body warm. Dates are highly recommended in the winter months.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Provide for an honest supply of carotene and ascorbic acid – each powerful antioxidant that facilitates wellness and builds immunity. Since this season is additionally identified to possess a sway on your body’s bones and joints, these vegetables ensure intake of naphthoquinone in the body. So, next time, check that you reach for the kale and spinach to stay fit. Methi parathas and sarson saag with a small amount of butter is an ideal nutrient in winter.

Hara Chana/Fresh green Garbanzos: Traditionally eaten as roasted on sigdi, these are a wonderful delight to consume in winters. Prepare a quick evening snack by boiling them, and adding some tomatoes, onions, salt, juice and red seasoned. Enjoy a fit winter with healthy diet.

Bajra: This is ideal food for winters and although you will be able to have it around the year it offers special warmth to the body when consumed in winters. Serve it with clarified butter and jaggery or with baingan bharta and udad ki dal.

Amla: Stuffed with vitamin C, this winter food is wholesome. Add some salt and haldi to enjoy it.

Sweet Potato: it is cooked on the sigdi, then served hot with some chaat masala. Enjoy this warm food this winter and keep your body fit & healthy.

Black Til (Black benne seeds): Black til helps keep your body warm. Eat it as is or in type of chikkis, sani (crushed black til with jaggary and ghee). It is a good source of iron for your body.