10th week of Pregnancy - Foetus Development

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10th week of Pregnancy – Foetus Development

10th week of Pregnancy – Foetus Development

Pregnancy Guide: Foetus Development

You are 10 weeks pregnant (or say eight weeks from conception). Here’s what’s happening during this stage of foetus development:

  • Congratulations! From now onward your embryo (the developing organism) will be called as a fetus and the baby growth has started now.
  • Fetus is now the size of a small strawberry; it’s about 3.1 cm long and weighs less than 4 g.
  • Feet are now 2 mm long (about one tenth of an inch).
  • Baby’s neck is beginning to take shape.
  • Baby has begun it’s movement and body muscles are almost developed.
  • Fetus is still too small for you to feel his wriggling and shifting.
  • Mouth cavity as well as nose are joined and jaws are also in place.
  • Ears and nose can now be seen plainly.
  • Fingerprints are already apparent in the skin.
  • Nipples and hair follicles will begin to form.
  • Fetus vital organs like liver, kidneys, brain, intestines and lungs are fully formed by this time and functional, though baby’s head is almost half length of the entire body.
  • Fetus is now on the way to form testicles or ovaries, getting prepared for the next generation.

And it’s not just your baby who’s enlarging! During each week of the foetus development, your uterus enlarges with your baby growing inside it. You can see your waistline growing thicker by this time. A pelvic examination will detect that your uterus has grown from its normal size to a little bigger than a grapefruit.

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