10 Tips to Increase Breastfeeding Milk

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10 Tips to Increase Breastfeeding Milk

10 Tips to Increase Breastfeeding Milk

We all are well aware of the vital role of breast milk in the very beginning of a new born’s life. Immune power, nutrition and easily digestive, it comes with all the good things which are helpful for your baby’s health.
Breast milk changes in volume and composition as per the need and time. But sometimes, babies don’t get enough breast milk supply as some mothers cannot produce enough breast milk for their baby.
There could be a number of reasons for the low milk supply. Let’s end your worry about your baby’s health by letting you know about some easy and effective ways to increase the breastfeeding milk.

1) Drink lots of Water:

Yeah, water is the nectar available on earth and I would say, it is very important for a mother to drink lots of water for the adequate supply of breast milk. It is an essential drink that ensures increasing of breastfeeding milk.

2) Let your baby do the work:

Well, it is a belief that the more your baby nurses, the more milk your body produces. So, don’t get into a strict schedule of feeding milk to your baby. In the first few weeks of the supply, nurse your baby whenever he/she is hungry for as long as he/she wants. It will help your body to produce more milk.

3) Wake up your baby:

Some babies sleep a lot that disturbs their nutrition cycle. Wake them up forcefully and encourage them to take at least normal milk diet.

4) Use Oatmeal in your diet:

No doubt, oatmeal has amazing health benefits such as lowering the cholesterol and regulating the blood pressure, it is also beneficial in maintaining and building enough supply of breastfeeding milk to the baby. Make a habit to eat a bowl of oatmeal per day, be it in the morning for breakfast or for your evening snacks.

5) Give yourself some rest:

Many new moms worry so much about their baby’s health and other things while neglecting their own health completely. Lack of sleep, stress and overthinking also lowers the supply of breast milk. Make sure you are taking proper rest and sleep. Give your worries a corner and try to concentrate on your health too.

6) Garlic:

Nature has awarded us with some amazing products such as garlic. It does not only add a great taste to your food but also boosts the breast milk supply. New mothers have been using garlic for the adequate supply of breast milk from centuries and it has been proven as an ultimate source to increase the level of breastfeeding milk.

7) Say ‘No’ to alcohol:

It is completely a myth that beer and other alcohol stimulate the milk supply, but in fact, consuming beer lowers the milk production. In real, alcohol is no good for a pregnant lady and new mothers, it affects your health badly.

8) Take proper diet:

In order to maintain and build the milk supply, the mother should take proper diet and develop the habit of healthy eating. Add pulses and lentils to your diet for the protein needs and consume milk and fruits. Your diet should be rich in nutrition. In short, feed yourself better in order to feed your baby with the best.

9) Good breastfeeding milk positions:

A mother needs to take care about maintaining the proper posture in which she is going to breastfeed her baby else the baby will not be able to suck the milk properly.

10) Wait to use bottles:

The first few weeks are very important for your baby’s health and growth and reports claim that breast milk is the best source for nutrition and other health-beneficial components. The mother should wait for first few week to use the bottles, bottle feeding is fine for later on. Have some patience and let your baby do the sucking.

We wish all the health for you and your baby. Hope, these easy breastfeeding milk ways help you for feeding your baby adequately.

Happy Parenting,

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