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With a focus on disease management, our intelligent EMR enables us deliver high quality healthcare to people in rural India, and to the people who are prone to occupational diseases.

Data-Driven Health Status in Your Hands

Chronic Diseases, Occupational Diseases. Managed

Our research on the state of chronic diseases in India's rural areas points to huge issues of access to qualified doctors, affordability, and of drug compliance. Also, the workers suffering from occupational diseases need a structured and goals-oriented healthcare plans to continue working in the not-so-favorable conditions.

MediMetry leverages data-science driven intelligent EMR on top of our telemedicine model. This EMR is the engine that drives our internal operations, and it is a unified digital reference for the entire patient-journey.

MediMetry Healthcare

Rural India: Chronic Disease Management

Diabetes. Hypertension. Orthopaedic.

We have set up Pocket Clinics in the rural areas and these are run by our clinic sanchalaks. The sanchalaks onboard local patients to capture their vitals and educate them on drug compliance.

See details on our rural India chronic disease management.

MediMetry Healthcare

Occupational Diseases Management

For workers in small scale and local industries

We work closely with industries to understand the occupational health hazards, and the state of health of their employees. For example, people working in construction industry, jewellery, or in mining are prone to be affected some work-related diseases.

See details on our occupational diseases management.

Our Solutions

Solutions around the challenges in India's healthcare

Our co-founder Krishan Tyagi formed a core team and visited a few villages to talk to people. The user research helped MediMetry technology team to structured the entire service model around an intelligence and data-driven EMR.

The EMR connects the patients' journey from day one to all patient touch-points for pocket clinics and for industry employees, our doctors, lab tests and reports, medicines, medication history, payments.


Real Time Patients Data

The doctors, the diagnostic center, the patients, and the pocket clinic sanchalaks, all see the patient data in real time for instructions, medicines, compliance records, and payments.

Drug Compliance for Disease Management

Our core objective is to educate patients on drug compliance, timely follow up, and make small adjustments in their life-style and diet. Our wellness coaches work for the real disease management goals.

100 +
Average people surveyed in a village. Almost 30% of them are chronic disease patients.
1 +
Pocket clinics running in different regions around Faridabad.
500 +
Patients are being treated by our doctors, successfully.

Success Speaks

What they say

“I had an online consultation with Dr. Bhavuk on MediMetry. He is really amazing. He is very friendly and gave me best health advice in right way. I am following his advised medicine, and i know this will defiently work on me. Thanks alot Dr. Bhavuk.”

Emily Schlegel

Ui Designer

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